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WE WILL REBUILD-THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT DURING THESE CRAZY TIMES!! 1/25: WOW, we've had great results with our A and B building visitors!!   So, this is our last week of offering sifting so we can move forward with rebuilding out business. If you would like to stop by, let us know and we'll be there for you.  We've had a combination of people looking and walking away with nothing and people finding burned keepsakes. We are available this week, weather permitting.  Then, we are DONE! 1/19/21 UPDATE: Hello Everyone, We have started on the C building (those that are not covered by the falling in of B) and with A and B beginning with those of you on the entrance and exit rows.  Please schedule your visit during this Tuesday through Saturday between 11 and 3:00. Next week we will (try our best) to get those of you on the inside hallways access to your unit and believe we are doing well keeping track of hallways and units.  If you are in the A or B building in a hallway unit we are scheduling time for those visits next week.  We will be onsite next week Tuesday through Saturday 11-3:00 You must wear sturdy shoes, gloves, masks and sign our waiver. We are limiting visits to one time, no back and forth to reduce traffic and allow everyone an opportunity. We are looking to wrap up ALL visits by the end of this month in order for us to move forward with rebuilding. Thank you AGAIN for your patience!  This is proving to be quite an experience/process.... Also, if you have received this group email and would like to be removed from the list, let us know. 1/4/2021 UPDATE: Hello Everyone, Bill has been working with an excavator and has metal moved from buildings E and G to be accessed this week. Call or email a day/time that will work for you this week for those buildings (E294-E309). Next week the metal will be moved to access the H building.  So if you rented H335-H344 please call or email a day/time that works for you to visit the week of 1/11-16th.  The C building will be next and we can only access C230-C246.  Units in B building that were toward the very back were over 1/2 of the C building.  B collapsed onto C in and we are not able to safely access that area, to the left as you make the steep turn onto the exit row.   I will tell you, those who have sifted have left with a couple of sentimental items, but everything is burned, broken or ash. A and B will be last and we appreciate your continued patience with the process. Our goal is to have all site visits completed by the end of January so WE CAN BEGIN TO REBUILD! 12/1/2020 UPDATE: Dear Valued Customers, we have an UPDATE!! Everyone has moved out of Buildings D and F and we're ready for our next phase--allowing customers of burned buildings to have an opportunity to look through their unit. Bill will be getting an excavator to begin removing metal to open up access and we will begin with building E 294-309 and then we'll move on to buildings G 324-334 and H 335-344. We are starting with the units down below because there is more room to build piles of metal and to get a feel of how this process is going to work for all. Then we will move to A, B, and C buildings. We do have a list started for those who wish to look through their units but want to be sure we do not miss anyone so, please call, text or email if you would like to be added to the list. AND, for those of you who are good, and no longer wish to receive communication, please let us know and we'll take you off our mailing list. There will be some requirements to enter the property, but we'll address those as we get closer. Also, this is a note of our thoughts moving forward and access will not be happening tomorrow. We are looking at mid-December to begin moving metal and Bill is doing this out of the goodness of his heart for you all. We understand that if we were to hire an outside clean-up crew they would just mow things over and we're not quite ready for that. Thanks again for all of your kindness and patience! Bill, Lisa, Krista, Jarrod, and Carol, Your Bear Creek Mini Storage Team 10/24 UPDATE: Hello All,   Thank you again for your patience with this process!  Of the 43 standing buildings 14 have moved out, 5 are scheduled and 24 need to get in touch to schedule their move out date.  While we've been down at the site with people (moving) some of our customers have stopped by to chat and it's been nice to connect and answer questions.  We also have had 3 units sifted through by Samaritan's Purse!  An awesome, free service, provided by trained volunteers who come in, safely move metal, and sift through the ashes.  They have all the PPE and tools needed for safety and we highly recommend contacting them at 828-262-1980.  I'm surprised more customers have not.  They are amazing!  We are still unsure at this time when we can get the metal moved to allow customers to sift through so maybe this is a better option.  I'll post another update once all of the 43 units are cleared out (our current focus) and we can move to phase 2, metal removal.  AND, we all appreciate the kind words and understanding we have received.   All our best, The Bear Creek Mini Storage Team :) 10/5 Update: We have met with our insurance adjusters and can move forward with what is going to be a lengthy process. There is some good news in that the contents of D & F buildings seem to be in good shape.  Phase one of this project is to have customers move out of D & F buildings (30 + days process).  We will schedule appointments to escort customers down to their units to get loaded up and escorted out.  Please understand that this is where Bill, Krista, and I will be focusing our time and energy.  One step at a time!  Once those buildings are empty we can move forward with phase two of getting a contractor in to move the metal.  Another priority is for those with 'creamains' in their unit as that takes a special entity to schedule entry to those few units.   All other customers are on hold until further notice for liability reasons.  It is a difficult message to deliver and I know a hard one to process but, as one customer stated, 'we are at the mercy of insurance and FEMA' Again, Thank you for understanding! PS:  CC accounts have been credited and checks are in the mail for rent paid and deposits. 9/22 Update: CANCELLING FRIDAY/SATURDAY VISITS TO BEAR CREEK MINI STORAGE! We have secured the facility and are awaiting further direction from our Insurance Adjuster before allowing anyone on the grounds. Bill and Lisa 9/15 Update: We went to the site and I'm sorry to say that I was premature when I said we could visit and go through the rubble. The scene is that of heavy, collapsed twisted metal and ash. The officer at the site told us not to return and there is no way anyone else is to enter the premises as the whole cordoned off area is unsafe and under investigation. It is really out of our hands. If you have a need for more than we have offered with updates, photos, and conversations you may (I wouldn't) call Jackson County Sheriff non-emergency number. There is no entry at this time and they are so very busy with this catastrophic event, I've no idea when. 9/13 Update: Bill received a call from an officer who scheduled an appointment to take us in at 8:00 this morning. He then called to tell us an officer went to the site to asses and took photos and deemed the site too dangerous to enter. Downed power lines, rubble still smouldering and if its disturbed we could reignite a fire. NO ENTRY AT ALL TO THE FACILITY. 9/12 update: Bill & I went to the sheriffs staging area today and spoke with dispatch. At this point they are only escorting people to residential settings to quickly grab essentials. Businesses are not a priority at this moment. Dispatch will give our number to an officer and we are awaiting that call for information about businesses. 9/11 Please be sure I have your current mailing address and email address for communication 9/10 update: FAQ's: 1. Will I receive a refund for Sept rent paid=YES 2. Insurance? Our policy covers building/structure with renter providing insurance for items stored 3. Can I sift through the rubble? NO, not at this time it is hot and dangerous. Bill and I will be conducting an assessment Friday and post an update. We will set day/time for all of us to sift through the rubble.

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